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Ladies at a Kumihimo workshop – taken at Lesley’s shop at Ashgrove in November 2011


Kumihimo braiding is an ancient Japanese technique dating back to the year 550. It was used by the Samuri in religious ceremonies, and also to wrap and hold their kimonos and swords, and embellish their horses when going into battle.

The intricacies and sophistication of the looms and spools changed over the centuries, as did the threads.

Adding beads to the weave arrived in recent times, and it was the hand held disk and revolutionary techniques which attracted Lesley’s attention, and set her on the path of becoming a master of kumihimo beading.


Lesley is now an experienced teacher of kumihimo, and has added her own designs to this fascinating and ever developing art.

If you want to learn kumihimo   –   learn it with Lesley