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Necklaces – etched

Necklace – silver etched beads. 4 strands 4mm and 8mm designer beads with individual clasps. Can be worn singly or up to 4 separate strands.

Designed by Lesley with distinctive vintage style.

Approximate length when worn in single strands: Small 50cm $15,  Medium 58cm $20,  Large 65 cm $25,  XL 70cm $30.

Price for a 4 strand necklace – $90

Necklace – etched beads

Necklace – etched beads

Necklace. Gold. Four strands of 6mm beads at bottom, and 4 strands of 2mm silver beads at top (against neck). Separate clasps for each strand of beads. Colour beads may be reversed for colour and size, and worn individually.

Approximate length when worn in single strands: Small, 50cm $15,  Medium 58cm $20,  Large 65cm $25.  XL 70 cm $30.

Price for the 4 strand necklace illustrated – $30.

The Murano Discovery

This is my very first blog. My name is Lesley Marshall, and I am a partner and CEO of Off Beat Design. We had an interior design business in Noosa for many years however I have always been an avid jewellery designer and this became my full time occupation 15 years ago.

At Offbeat Design, we are passionate about sharing our jewellery knowledge and experience with you, and building relationships to exchange information and ideas.

We design handmade jewellery, and teach how each design is made at our jewellery making workshops.

We are qualified, professional, and  patient teachers and enjoy helping people learn new skills.

Pearls, Beads and gemstones, with a wide variety of artistic wire and threading materials, findings, endings including Sterling Silver, and designer clasps, are available from our stock.

Our home is in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.
email –  lesleymarshall@offbeatdesign.com.au
Blog web www.offbeat.design.com.au

Diego Salinas worked closely with us on our new branding, logo, website, blog,  and designs for displays. Diego is young, talented, with a wide range of experience and skills and we are delighted to have him working on our projects. (Contact Diego direct   – diegomp01@gmail.com)

The feature piece in this necklace is a beautiful Murano glass tube. Curved and tapered and about 15cm long. Brilliantly coloured and styled in soft greys. Faceted Labradite beads in two sizes, a designer clasp and sterling silver endings complete this wonderful necklace by Lesley.

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